The SparqU Internship Program

Being an intern at SparqU means joining a tight knit family of hardworking individuals. All interns strive to support one another. One of SparqU's biggest philosophies is to "Get Stuff Done Together." This is personified in our accelerated workforce training called BootUp Camps. Most importantly, our interns get to serve communities that lack access and opportunities to the booming Denver economy. As you may know, being an advocate for others is not easy. However, the experience of interning at SparqU is priceless.

What to Expect

Interns are able to participate and help out with any of SparqU's collaborative partnerships, and they will develop vital connections with both our mentors and our participants. This paid internship is truly a unique experience that can potentially reshape the way you see business, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and important values you can take with you for the rest of your life.  

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In Summer 2017, we hosted 10 amazing high school and college interns.

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