What's our MISSION?

We cultivate untapped entrepreneurial talent and help freelancers, the self-employed, and startups get the resources they need to start, sustain, and showcase their businesses.

“This isn’t a social network, this is a support network.”  Lynn Wilson

Through our unique business model, the underrepresented gain the skills, networks, and system know-how needed to become the next generation of business leaders. Ultimately, we encourage our clients to establish careers they are passionate about that boost American innovation, create jobs, equalize opportunity, and help companies leverage the untapped talent of disadvantaged and minority communities.

What is SparqU?

We are a mobile-friendly incubator that creates structured, accelerated pathways to entrepreneurship and technically-licensed trades that appeal to the freelance, self-employed, and startup community.

We are a local and virtual community resource created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We are a mentoring network that effectively facilitates entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs.

Why use SparqU?

Affordable training that is accessible locally and online

Multiple pathways to success with real mentorship

An accelerated method in reaching your goals faster

Unique apprenticeship opportunities and networking events